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All props can be used through out the session free of charge! They are great for a photo at the end !
*subject to availability

Inflatable Champagne Bottle


Spice Girls Dress

$_57 (10).jpg

Single Ladies Bunting

s-l140 (3).jpg

Team Bride Tattoo

s-l140 (4).jpg

Inflatable Photo Frame


Pink Ladies Jacket

$_12 (2).jpg

80s Set for the Hen


Crown for the Birthday Girl

$_57 (9).jpg

Inflatable Microphone


Dirty Dancing Watermelon


Ring Balloon

s-l140 (2).jpg

Glow Bracelets

$_57 (7).jpg

Inflatable Stereo

$_1 (1).jpg

MJ Hat & Glove

$_12 (1)_edited_edited.jpg

Face Gems for the Hen

s-l140 (1).jpg

Light Up Rings


To book your dance party please email or fill in the enquiry form here

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